Photo of the day… Smile!


You’ve likely heard of a “staycation” but I’m guessing a “Momcation” is not a standard word in your vocabulary. A Momcation is the time a mother spends away from her children in order to relax and revive. In this new mom’s case I’m classifying it as the four hours I had out of the house this week where I brushed my teeth, put on real pants (the kind without an elastic waistband, and, wait for it… put on a bra. I hopped into my station wagon and wandered the aisles of Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Babies R Us. All sans baby.

The fun started at Bed Bath and Beyond, picked up a rice cooker with a timer so we can come home to complete meals and not need to cook at night. Then Buy Buy Baby for some baby proofing gear that will become all too necessary in a few months. Babies R Us was the next stop, this was a bust but I did manage to pick up Alex two swimsuits on ridiculous sale for her to wear at swim class this winter and next summer. Headed to the photo store to print a few pictures. Then Momcation went into high gear as I headed to Target. One hour and a new toilet brush, welcome mat, and box of Dots later this Momcation was complete. All that was left was the drive home, while eating my box of Dots, and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. Yes, my life really is that glamorous.

Moms of the world, what do I need to include in my next Momcation to make it even more wonderful? Time is at a premium. I think friends and chocolate should be included in my next break.


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