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Our Reading Rainbow

Books, books everywhere!

My mom retired in 2009 after 21 years as a teacher.  She spent the last 19 years as a reading specialist and then 5th grade reading teacher.  It’s no wonder she’s accumulated such an amazing book collection.  Last weekend the treasure was passed on to my brother and I so that we can share it with our children and instill a love of reading in them as well.

Even before this family treasure was passed down Alex had started herself a pretty good library.  Many individuals gifted us books even before she was born.  I love the gift of books.  Both these from my mom and the ones we received as baby gifts.  A number of people passed on books they had loved reading with their children or that they had loved as kids.  These are my favorites.  Receiving a book as a gift is like being given the gift of time with your children.  Looks like our family has been given countless hours of time together already.

What is/was your favorite children’s book? Dave loved “Danny and the Dinosaur.”  I truthfully can’t remember a favorite from my childhood but my favorite right now is “The Giving Tree.”  I definitely remember my favorites from my tween years:  The Babysitters Club series, Ramona Quimby series, and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.  How about you?  Any books you think are mandatory for our collection?


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2 thoughts on “Our Reading Rainbow

  1. “love you forever”, my 5 year old make me read this to him. I cry every time.

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