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Breakthroughs Abound!

Last week was a BIG week in our household. It was as if Alex turned three months old and decided that some major changes were in order. That whole fourth trimester thing is no joke.


Proof! Empty bottles can happen.

First, the bottle battle has ended. Alex has realized that taking a bottle is in her best interest. I left the house but am told not a single tear was shed. However, Alex has discovered her voice and scolded my mom the entire time. The report was that the baby equivalent of four letter words were being thrown around. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a bribe was involved. When Alex turns four I’m probably going to find out that Grandma promised Alex a pony in order to get her to drink a bottle.

Even Dave gave Alex a bottle while I went for a run. Which leads me to my next breakthrough. I actually passed another runner on Saturday! This is a very big deal for me. Pre-baby my favorite thing to do on a run was to spot other runners in the distance and chase them down and pass them, especially male runners. I logged my first post-baby chase and catch on Saturday. Yes, I do realize this may sound a little strange, even creepy to you, but I love it. One January I chased a group of three male runners for four miles until I passed them at the top of a hill. I realize that the other runners have no idea that we are racing so they can’t fully compete. Only once did I have a man realize that I was in all-out race mode. He sure gave me a run for my money!

I’m also pretty sure I broke a six minute mile on Saturday, breakthrough number three. After two calls from Dave telling me that Alex wouldn’t stop screaming I was in the sprint of my life to get home. I bet people thought I was being chased.


There is a smiling, content baby in this picture.

Next breakthrough, a car ride to remember. Alex HATES riding in the car. She screams until she chokes herself, it’s traumatic for all of us. So we just stay home. In fact, I can count on one hand (maybe 1.5) the number of times I’ve left the house since May for a reason other than a doctor appointment. I know what you are likely thinking, “A baby that doesn’t like the car? Impossible!” It’s true. I had to buy a mirror to make sure Alex was still breathing she screams so hard. Well, on Friday we had a quiet ride. I put a toy in her lap (my standard procedure) and she actually played with it. Now, this was only a ten minute ride and on the way back she was back to screaming, but I now have hope. I can see a small dot of light at the end of this tunnel.

And the final breakthrough was mine. I decided to enjoy every last cuddly minute of my maternity leave and not dwell on the fact that it’s ending. I’m enjoying every minute of every snuggle, even the ones that last from midnight until 3am and then resume again at 5am. It’s made a huge difference. I’ll be as ready as I can be to head back to work. The hardest, most amazing, challenging, rewarding, special summer of my life is coming to a close. But only the season is ending, the rest I get to continue to enjoy.



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4 thoughts on “Breakthroughs Abound!

  1. Yeah! I love this post! So excited that Alex is making some new strides that will hopefully make life for you all a bit easier.

    I loved the part about passing people. I haven’t done that out on the sidewalk yet, but I have definitely started doing that in races. I think that’s why I got such a great time on the BTN Big10K – I was fueled by wanting to pass people from the other schools – to the point I was angry at them! Haha.

    See you Monday!

  2. Going back is tough, but don’t spend this week dwelling on it though because it won’t change anything! Enjoy every second together and make the most of these last few days! I spent my last day of maternity leave taking my boys to my favorite park on Lake Drive, it is one of my favorite memories of my leave. *bittersweet*

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