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Now I Know My ABC’s

When we bought our house almost every wall was painted bright white.  I got out my paintbrush and in no time added some color. Ultimately that resulted in five blue rooms, two tan, one light yellow, and one light green.  I actually had the forethought to paint our guest room light green assuming that someday we would expand our family and I wanted a nice gender neutral palette so I wasn’t painting a room halfway through a pregnancy.

This worked out pretty well.  Since we didn’t find out pre-birth that Alex was a girl the room was left pretty stark until just recently.  Etsy fixed that for Alex.  One of my new hobbies is browsing Etsy.  I picked this hobby up in the middle of the night.  It’s great, there is always something new to look at, unlike Facebook and email (there is surprisingly little new on those sites between 10pm and 7am).  This is how I finally found the thing to decorate Alex’s room with.

TaDaaa!  (This photo from my phone doesn’t do it justice.)



This jumbo alphabet is from janeymacpress.  It was quite the project and a team effort.

This is when you fully realize what it means to have ordered the "jumbo" alphabet

This is when you fully realize what it means to have ordered the “jumbo” alphabet

The first stage of installation involves hanging all the letters, without sticking them to the wall; in the presumed locations you want them.  I would sit in the rocking chair feeding Alex and Dave would hang the letters.  Just imagine hours of this fun…

Dave:  “What’s next?”

Becca:  “What letters do we have that are yellow and small?”

Dave:  “M and V.”

Becca:  “Ok, take the M and put it on the far right, above the F.  A little to the left, down, more to the left, your other left.  Take the right side of the M and move it down, a little more.  Good.”

Five minutes later.

Becca:  “I changed my mind. Let’s replace the W with the M.”

Step One

Step One

It’s very important to have two people involved in this process. Not just because it makes installation so much easier, but also because it is imperative to have a second set of eyes on the wall to make sure you haven’t inadvertently spelled inappropriate words.  In fact, one night at 1 a.m. Dave came in to check on Alex and I and I said, “How do you spell turd?”  Dave, “T-E-R-D.”  (Dave did first have to ask me three times what I was asking him and then finally said, “Yep, that’s what I thought you were saying.”  I guess asking someone to spell turd isn’t standard middle of the night conversation.)   The jury is still out on the exact spelling of turd, but ironically we had Dave’s version spelled out in giant letters across the wall overtop Alex’s changing table.  I will also admit that in the completed installation a strong argument can be made that we now have the words “turd pie” spelled out.



We also somehow managed, completely by accident, to have the following letters left as the last ones to put up, “F,” “U,” “C,” “X,” “H,” “O,” and “V.”  That spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E in about 10 different combinations.

After all the letters are temporarily taped to the wall it’s time to stick them on semi-permanently (you can peel the letters off with just a little effort).  This is a surprisingly easy process. Peel off the back of the letter, align, stick, squeegee, peel off the front, squeegee again, and admire your work.  If we didn’t have a newborn we could have knocked this out in just a few hours.  With a newborn it required three weeks.

Here is how it evolved…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted something to add a big pop of color to Alex’s boring neutral walls.  I’d say, “Mission Accomplished!”


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One thought on “Now I Know My ABC’s

  1. kerry on said:

    Awesome post! A hilarious recap! And I love the colors you picked for the letters….looks great!

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