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The XX Factor

During spring 2013 I had five close friends who were pregnant. Between March 1 and May 4, if you include Dave and I, there were five little girls and one little boy added.  Now that’s girl power!  My personal theory is that the hot spring/summer of 2012 killed off all the boy sperm.  Seriously, it’s a scientific fact that male sperm can’t take the heat (you know, the weaker of the two sexes), hence a lot more little ladies being born in March, April, and May than little boys.  We can debate this later.

What astonishes me is that within my group of best girlfriends (friends since kindergarten besties) we will be going six for six in girls over an 18  month period!  In fact, three of those little girls were born within four weeks of each other (no, we didn’t plan that).

May 4, April 20, April 9, 2013.

May 4, April 20, April 9, 2013.

That's one good lookin' group!

That’s one good lookin’ group!

There’s no guarantee that these little ladies will be as great of friends as the first generation.  But if friendship is hereditary they have a pretty good shot!


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