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That Sucked

Wow, what a way to start out a work week.  On Monday morning before 6:30 a.m. I found myself on the floor in our basement with my ponytail stuck inside our vacuum cleaner.  Let me explain…

The Scene of the Crime

The Scene of the Crime

For the last few weeks I’ve been noticing how dirty and dusty it is under my treadmill.  The dust bunnies were more like dust elephants.  Monday morning I finally got fed up with it enough to pull out the vacuum and take care of things.  Of course I never think to do these things at 6 p.m., it’s only 6 a.m. when the issue is right in my face.  Dave was also gone Monday morning so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to vacuum a little without risking waking him up.

The Attacker

The Attacker

Everything went fine until I got down on my hands and knees and put my head against the ground so I could see under the treadmill.  That’s when the brushes of our vacuum picked up my ponytail and wrapped my hair around the revolving belt so fast it took my breath away.  Remember the part in this story about Dave being gone?  Well, that meant that I was home alone with my hair caught in the bottom of the vacuum and my screams of pain were going unanswered.  In hindsight I think it was a good thing that Dave wasn’t home because I would have had him bring down a scissors to cut out my hair.  I had to go with the much more patient approach of unwinding my hair and pulling it out just a few strands at a time.  My head was literally within a few inches of the bottom of the vacuum.  There was no way I could carry a vacuum on my head up the stairs to find scissors.  So with my head pressed to the floor I got to work.

The Innocent Victim

The Innocent Victim

You’ll be relieved to know that I survived and so did my hair.  I’m only down a few strands.  Maybe my hair even has a little extra volume after the whole ordeal.  🙂


Kale to the Chief

I’d like to advocate for a green leafy cabbage that until Saturday night I don’t think had ever crossed my lips… KALE!  You may have been eating pizza and drinking beer while watching the Packer vs 49ers, not us, we were enjoying the goodness of kale.  This ancient form of cabbage has recently experienced growing notoriety for its taste and health benefits.  We were a little slow to get on the band wagon but now I would consider us hooked.  With just a few cups you can get your daily allowance of vitamin C (also important to help fight the nasty flu that’s going around) and vitamin A AND kale contains chemicals that have been shown to repair DNA and prevent cancer.  Thank you kale!

January 12, 2013:  Delicious Kale

January 12, 2013:  I look really tired in this picture, maybe eating more kale would help me sleep better too

It is also amazing because in less than five minutes you can have a meal.  Sauté a little kale in olive oil with a little salt and pepper for five minutes.  A few other delicious ideas are butternut squash and kale quesadillas or kale slaw.  Both are very easy.

We will be adding kale to our garden this summer. If anyone has any delicious kale recipes, please send them my way.

Big Fish, Little Pond

For the last week I have been on a desperate search to find a pool to swim in.  Either you need to join the fitness club or they want to charge you $10 for an hour of swimming.  Today I finally found a place that would take me, a local high school that has Saturday afternoon lap swim.  Success!  Kind of.

First, I have officially graduated to a moo-moo swimsuit.  Here it is, in all its glory.  I love it though, it’s comfortable and the skirt covers all the details that should remain personally confidential. 

The Suit

The Suit

Second, swimming is tough and my arms are not in shape.  90 minutes of swimming is equally as challenging as 90 minutes of running.  I also find it to be a great way to stretch my abs.

Third and final, locker room fun.  This particular high school has a classic 1970’s locker room and it hasn’t seen an update since.  It also has some interesting features.  For example, there were doors everywhere.  Doors leading to other mini locker rooms and offices which generated constant traffic.  There were even doors leading into the shower.  Now, I take a shower after swimming so I probably completely traumatized the jv girls’ basketball team when they traversed through the shower area as I was in the midst of my shower.  Unless things have dramatically changed, high school girls generally don’t take showers in the locker room.  I’m sure they talked about the show I gave them after I was out of earshot.  “Seriously, who showers in a locker room?”  This locker room also has the gym teacher’s office in it with giant windows that overlook the changing area.  She also must just be the jv girls’ basketball coach because she was in this afternoon, checking her email, doing paperwork, etc. 

Well ladies, see you next week!  🙂

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