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Shenanigans!  (noun) def. 1. Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.  2.  Girls’ Weekend!

Girls’ Weekend 2012 has gone down in history as another amazing weekend of friends, fun, and yes… Shenanigans!  It was wonderful to get together with my best friends and resume our standard practice, no matter if we haven’t seen each other in months or in some cases, years, we can always quickly kick things off right back where we left off the last time we saw each other.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re still getting together with the same group of friends that you went to first grade and even kindergarten with.  Highlights from this year include:

October 28, 2012: Road Trip!

1)  Road trip to Indianapolis!

2)  Getting kicked out of the spa.  I guess high spirited shrieks of joy and laughter are relaxing for those enjoying the joke.  Not for the person in the room next door getting a back massage.

3)  Talking about the things that only women, wives, and mothers can truly appreciate and swapping tricks of the trade.

4)  Participating in a “favorite things” exchange and discovering that some of my favorite things are my best friends’ favorite things (chai tea, straws, cute paper, and pickles)!

5)  Shopping until we dropped.  Shopping is a key component of every Girls’ Weekend.  Along with eating, that is also a staple.

October 26, 2012: Lots of Eating!

6)  Reminiscing about past Girls’ Weekends and flipping through the old photographs.  I enjoyed this so much I thought I would share some of the history with my blog followers.  This is how Girls’ Weekend has progressed over the past 13 years.  (Picture quality in no way reflects the level of fun had on these weekends.)

1999: First Girls’ Weekend, First Wine Cooler


And the Survey Says…

I love surveys! 

June 25, 2012: The World Even Makes Nametags for People Like Me

I wish that Gallup would call me so I could give an opinion.  Last week Dave was ambushed by a woman in our neighborhood doing a consumer survey.  For a half hour of his time he earned $20.  She then left a booklet with us to fill out and we received another $40 for completing that booklet.  After completing all 113 pages of questions my interest in surveys has been drained for the next few months.  We answered everything from what type of soy sauce we use (Kikkoman low sodium), how many rolls of toilet paper we used in the last 30 days (three-four), if we watched the Olympics (Yes!), how many times we did the dishes in the last 7 days (four in the sink, three in the dishwasher), and how many pounds of fruits and vegetables we bought in the last month (48, we bought 35 pounds of squash in bulk two weeks ago). 

October 22, 2012:  Completing the Survey

We’ve decided to spend our $40 on dinner out.  Thanks to the individual who suggested that we check out Pizzeria Piccolo and and also Le Reve in Wauwatosa.  We think we will be going to one of those.

A Blog About the Dog

Wow, I had to post a picture from our dinner Saturday night.  We went to Dr. Dawg and Dave had a 12″ Italian sausage.  However, we estimated that the exact length was actually closer to 18″.  Dave made it through all but 3 inches of the massive meal.  We went on a walk  Saturday and an even longer walk Sunday to offset the calories. 

October 20, 2012: That’s One Big Dog

If you want to try this sausage sensation yourself, Dr. Dawg is located at Port Washington and Green Tree.  It’s just a few blocks south of the Good Hope exit off I-43.

Treadmill Deadmill

It was a sad morning in the Grassl household.  My beloved treadmill died mid-run.  I understand that a large portion of the population probably won’t empathize with me and understand how much I love my treadmill.  I would compare it to what others might feel towards puppies or chocolate or the Packers winning the Super Bowl.  Here’s an example to demonstrate this for you.  In a week I am going to a favorite things party.  Everyone at the favorite things party brings three of their favorite things.  I have been having a hard time brainstorming ideas so last week I asked Dave, “What would you say my favorite things are?”  His response, first thing out of his mouth, “Your treadmill.” 

October 17, 2012: The Carnage

I bought the treadmill a little over six years ago off CraigsList at a steal of price.  I’ve used it almost every day since then, except when it is warm enough and light enough outside to run in the morning.  This trusty machine has almost 20,000 miles on it.  I probably shouldn’t be surprised that it finally went down in a blaze of glory, complete with sparks and the smell of an electrical fire.  I’m hoping it’s repairable.  The treadmill doctor (actual name) is coming to take a look at it on Monday.  Until then I guess my bike will be getting some extra attention.

My Football Fantasies Come True

I have a growing reputation as a black hole of football luck.  Last year my fantasy football team went 0-13.  Without fail, whoever I draft either has an unexpected terrible season or gets injured and I’m left without options.  I’ve also been playing a radio contest for the past three years called Pigskin Pick ’ems.  Every week you pick the winners of the head-to-head match-ups and hope your record is the best.  Well, I’d like to announce that I am on a winning streak!  I won my first fantasy football game this year AND I took first place in the week 5 Pigskin Pick ’ems!

October 10, 2012: Victory Pose in my 1990’s Sterling Sharpe Official Jersey

What did I win you ask? 

–  $25 to Dave and Buster’s

–  $25 to Aris Sports Bar

–  A haircut package at Lady Jane’s

–  $25 to Super Video, the XXX video store (I’ll gift this to anyone who will publicly messages me and asks for it)

Better yet, I am now qualified for the grand prize at the end of the season.  This includes a 42″ flat screen TV, a one year supply of Horny Goat beer, a framed Green Bay Packers championship banner, and a snowboard package from Ride Sports Store. 

Watch out world!  Anyone out there who is willing to challenge me at fake football games better be ready to lose.  🙂 

Unstoppable! (I need to make the most of this victory, it could be short lived.)

I Run ‘Cause It’s Fun

What a beautiful day for a run!  Congratulations to all the Lakefront Marathon finishers, especially Jennee Molus, Luke Leonhard, and Michael Spanbauer.  It was a perfect day for a marathon, and this year I was surprisingly NOT running in my favorite race.  Instead I strategically positioned myself along the race course to support the runners.  I know exactly where the “hell spots” are on that course.  At least where I’ve always had my meltdowns. 

October 7, 2012: Runner Support

I declared 2012 my year of semi-retirement from racing.  After an extremely intense training season during 2011, running a PR, qualifying for Boston (but then not qualifying for Boston after they changed the standards) I needed a break.  The break has been great.  I still get up pre-dawn on Saturdays and run 14-19 miles but without the pressure of feeling like I need to run, run fast, and then being disappointed if I had a bad run.

And now… it’s time to reveal some secrets.  Here are a few of the things that people don’t always tell you when you start to do endurance sports, but that everyone should know.

1)  Be prepared for chafing.  Yes, just about anywhere your clothes, shoes, arms, legs, etc touch your body you need to be prepared for the possibility of having it rubbed completely raw.  Men, be especially cognizant of your nipples.  A cotton t-shirt on a bare chest is like sandpaper.

2)  Bathrooms are a runners best friend.  I know where almost every public restroom is in northern Milwaukee County, and if you run, you should too.  Runners might not admit it, but they have done one of the following, a) sprinted to a bathroom before it was too late, b) created an unofficial bathroom in a less than conventional location, c) not made it to the bathroom in time, or d) all of the above.  I will admit to dropping trow once in a cornfield thinking I’d made a clean getaway only to discover the next day that I’d sat myself into a plant of some sort that I must be allergic to.  I broke out in a rash on my quads that caused me enough regret to think twice before embarking on that sort of adventure ever again.

3)  I love running but hate racing.  I’m a complete head case and can train really great all year and then have a complete meltdown on race day.  I’ll go out too fast, or psych myself out in the last few miles, or just make myself feel bad.  I pretty much only sign up for races because I need a goal and it helps me schedule my training and not go overboard.

And the biggest secret of them all…

4)  I don’t always feel like going on a run (or bike).  I have even gone as far as putting on my clothes, shoes, stretching, and running down to the corner of our street, only to turn around and go home just because I didn’t feel like running that day.  I’ve also made it to the gym, gotten on a treadmill, and then turned around and headed right back out the door.  I’ve also powered through a lot of workouts that I haven’t wanted to do.  Don’t be fooled, even the most dedicated take time off.  It’s good for you.

Yay Jennee!

This year was my time off.  After watching the runners today I had the itch to get back out on the race course next year.  I’ll probably back off and set my goal time at a more leisure pace.  I just love to run!

Craftastic Cards

If you’ve received a card from me in the past two years and it looked like a handmade creation there is a 100% chance that I created it at a Friday night card class, hosted by my friend Ericka.  I can take zero credit for the creative magic of these cards.  She comes up with the creative idea, puts the materials in numbered bins with an example card/craft numbered to match the number on the bin, I provide the adhesive and sweat, and after approximately 3.5 hours I walk away with 8-10 craft masterpieces.  Last night was another class and another success. 

October 5, 2012: Thank You Cards and Halloween Crafts

Ericka: The Mastermind

If you want to see the other amazingly creative things that Ericka is up to, check out her blog:  furloughedtime.blogspot.com

January 19, 2012: Other Card Adventures

February 24, 2012: Gender Neutral Card Theme

Action Shot

My only complaint is that to make a beautiful card it generally involves the use of this terrible machine called the “Cuttlebug.”  I can never seem to get this machine to work right.  Plus it always involves a lot of getting up from my chair, moving to the other side of the room, using the machine, sitting back down, realizing I did it wrong, going back to the machine, trying it again….  This process repeats itself at least 10 times throughout the night.

Devil Spawn Machine

So the next time a card from me shows up at your door you now know my secret creative weapon… Ericka.

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