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Playing With My Food

If you know me well, you know I’m a big eater.  I love most all foods, in most any form (with the exception of deep fried).  I can’t say that I love cooking.  Most of the time it seems like a lot of work, when all I really want to do is get to the eating part.  Too bad they go hand-in-hand.  Here are a few pics from some of my food adventures over the past four months.

January 21, 2012:

This was at a sushi restaurant in Chicago.  You have to look close, but the sushi roll is in the shape of a turtle with a wasabi ball for a head. 

March 24, 2012:

This is an Irish “Spring Roll” (corned beef and sauerkraut) at McBob’s in Milwaukee.  Dave and I had a $50 gift certificate.  For $50 at McBob’s you can get… an Irish spring roll, cheesy potatoes with corned beef, a reuben, a turkey burger, three chicken burritos the size of your head, two drinks, and you’ll have $10 left to spare.  I look a little crazy in this picture.  You would too if you ate all of that (just for the record we took the burritos home).

March 28, 2012:

This spice is the ultimate Cajun seasoning that we now use on everything.  I just had to include it in here because it is so amazing and you can’t find it anywhere in the area.  The company makes “Slap Ya Mama” and a new favorite, “Punch Yo Daddy.” 

April 11, 2012: 

A five berry kabob!  This kabob wasn’t my personal creation, but I followed their lead and made my own.

April 29, 2012:

That’s a pork pile sculpted into a pig.  I also don’t eat pork, but I still thought this was fun.


Things That Make You Go “Ew!”

I stumbled across two things this week that made me go “Ew!” 

April 22, 2012:

This is one of those things that a person should never admit to but we all probably have similar hidden secrets in our fridge.  I found this bottle of salad dressing on our condiment shelf on Sunday.  Notice the expiration date?  November 2006, yuck!  I guess blue cheese is already moldy.  Here is the really scary part, we moved into our house in January of 2006.  That means that this bottle is likely to have moved from our apartment to our house.  We also replaced our refrigerator about three years ago.  I guess we overlooked this gem.  Dave also just confessed that he recently used this on a salad!  EW!!!!

April 27, 2012:

We know we’ve all been there.  You’re doing some business only to hear or see the person next to you on their phone… from start to flush and many times skipping the final wash.  Maybe restrooms should be a place where WiFi is intentionally disabled.  Surfing the net or uploading images instantly to your facebook account while in the restroom is bad business.  Insert gag sound effect here.

And that’s what made me go “Ew!”

P.S.  We did finally throw the salad dressing away.

What is that?

April has blessed me with some of my most unique photos of the day.  See if you can guess what they are before you read the descriptions.

April 12, 2012


Alien spaceships?  Greenhouses?  Random glass pyramids on a gravel road in Wisconsin?  Nope, those are skylights.  In fact, they are the skylights on the roof of the UWM Union that light the concourse. 

April 13, 2012:


Hmmmm…. Satellite?  Robot?  My new camera?  No silly, it’s a planetarium projector.  Dave and I went to the UWM planetarium show for the event, “Galaxies Galore.”  After one hour in the planetarium I now know more about stars and galaxies than I ever cared to know.  I’d recommend the show.  And if you need someone to point out Orion, Pleiades, or Saturn and its moon Titan, just ask.  I’ll refer you to Dave.

April 20, 2012


Hockey pucks?  Floating mini cakes?  Yes, YES, you are correct, those are floating mini cakes!  These little cakes were part of an art installation at the Inova Gallery by Brooke Thiele.  The installation was a representation of the artist’s participation in the masculine sport of hunting and woman’s expected domestic role in the kitchen.  The mini cakes are meant to be picked by visitors like berries.  My favorite part was the life-size sculpture of a hanging deer carcass that had shelves instead of ribs.  The shelves held red velvet cake sitting on them.  The artist was running late and hadn’t completely finished the installation when I visited.  I watched for about half an hour as she wielded a large cleaver and carved slabs of cake-meat and then threw the carved off pieces into a pile of cake carcass.  Totally weird and completely mesmerizing.  Eat up!


I’ve recently encountered some good natured harassment over my decision to post only select photos.  There seems to be some growing speculation that I am selectively excluding the more entertaining images.  To put any further rumors to rest here are the images from the entire beginning of April.  And to your relief, or maybe disappointment, you’ll see that the following photos are all rated G.

April 1, 2012:  There are actually two photos from this day.  Originally the photo was of me at the Milwaukee Home and Garden Show.  However, after the debacle we encountered when Dave’s iPhone died it was worthy of a second photo.

April 2, 2012:  Lecture by Dr. Cornel West

April 3, 2012:  I Voted

April 4, 2012:  Hot Pot Mania.  It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten. 

April 5, 2012:  Dave walked out to his car this morning and found a flat tire.  He then took my car so I had to run home from work.  It worked out surprisingly well.

April 6, 2012:  The Hunger Games.  Probably should have read the book first.

April 7, 2012:  Celebrated Easter a day early to make room in the overcrowded pews on Sunday.

April 8, 2012:  Easter brunch with my family (left to right:  Dad, Mom, Tom [brother], me, Dave)

The first eight days of April have been pretty great.

Another Season… Another 10 Power Walks

I LOVE the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  It is three of my favorite weeks out of the entire year.  Like many of you out there, I could care less about basketball the other 49 weeks in the year but in March I am addicted.  For example, three years ago Dave took me on what I jokingly refer to as “my favorite vacation.”  He went to a seminar and I went with.  We left early Thursday morning and were checked into the hotel by 10 a.m.  His seminar ended late Saturday and I was able to watch 2.5 days of uninterrupted first and second round tournament action, amazing!

March 16, 2012

To keep things interesting in the Grassl household we also like to fill out brackets and place friendly wagers on the tournament winner.  Our system for counting points isn’t an exact science, but we’ve pretty much concluded that if you pick the winner of the tournament you win.  Lucky for me I have picked the winner four out of the last six years that we have been competing.  Admittedly, the first year I lost, miserably.  I was left cooking Dave 10 gourmet meals over the course of the next month.  This was an especially big deal because at that point in my life I absolutely despised cooking.  Two years later he won again and shackled me with ironing for six months straight.  Also horrid because Dave wears a pressed button down shirt to work every day.  You know what they say about payback though…

One year Dave had to clean both bathrooms in our house ten times.  That was a mediocre win.  I have now found the sweetest of all victory prizes… 10 Power Walks!  The “power walk” in the Grassl household consists of a five mile walk at a vigorous pace.  Dave’s been known to need to take snacks on these walks so that he can make it home without getting lightheaded.  Me, on the other hand, I love power walks.  Power walks are fundamentally the way that I play. 

Last fall I read the book, “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul” by Stuart Brown and Christopher Vaughan.  Reading this book was a major revelation for me.  I learned that Dave and I have drastically different play styles.  I am a kinesthete and competitive player.  Dave is a joker and explorer.  Kinesthete’s love to move, competitors love to win.  Dave prefers telling jokes, nonsense, and discovering new things.  If you’re curious to learn more about play and what type of player you are check out this TED Talk with Stuart Brown:  http://www.ted.com/talks/stuart_brown_says_play_is_more_than_fun_it_s_vital.html  It’s worth the watch.

I really appreciate that Dave and I have different play styles.  I also really appreciate the five miles we spend together.  The only consolation to that fact that the tournament is over is that I get to spend the next 10+ weeks power walking with Dave (and another 364 days reveling in my win).

*Note:  I did not take a picture of myself yesterday jumping up and down in celebration out of respect. 

 I guess this post is just the competitive player in me coming out.  🙂

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